Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lay Your Burdens Down

I have a hard time looking back on this year. If you're really interested, look to the right side of this blog and click the little arrow next to 2009. Whoosh, there it is in all its shit-soaked glory.

Please, do me a little favor and click it back before I loose the ability to breathe. Whew, OK. Back to gettin' on with the repressin'....

A friend of mine requested that I put together a Best Albums of the year list, as I've usually got a good sense of what the kids listen to these days. I couldn't do it. Yet ANOTHER problem with '09. It lacked a soundtrack.

But you know what, I'm actually kind of happy about it. Because it turns out to be a somewhat happy accident, as this year will be even easier to forget about, as it doesn't have an accompanying soundtrack.

So, never will I be sitting in traffic with my iPod on shuffle when that song comes on that reminds me of when my heart was ripped out of my chest, burned countless times with cigarette butts, cut to a million pieces, and the pieces flung to the four winds. Because there wasn't a song for that.

Not a single measure or beat will remind me of the countless phone calls that I received from my Landlord (culminating with the threat of eviction. Yes, EVICTION.), asking if I'd found a new roommate yet.

And for all of those deluded people (those people who live their own version of "human") who managed to worm their way into my life; Well, worms don't really make any sound at all, no hint of a song, so you will be soon forgotten as well. (Ha! See what I did there? I was loosing you for a minute, then I brought it back....sort of.)

But I'll tell you what I will remember; Making Pickle laugh. Buckie's total inability to sit completely still, and how damn cute it is. Finding Aunty Spinster's Home for the Wayward, and working to make it a reality (through the astounding commitment of my immediate family).

All the rest of that stuff...I'm leaving it all back in good ol' 2009.

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